Below is a list of company industries we’ve helped in the past six months.  For confidentiality and security, we do not list the company’s name as it could create an adverse condition for their business.

Movie Theaters

We were hired to help a chain of movie theaters navigate the current regulations across their chain of theaters in New England due to restrictions and diversify their content with various other entertainment sources

Corporate Cleaning

GAC was sought out to comply with regulations of high level New Hampshire hospitals for cleaning and sanitizing facilities to make sure they are germ free which lead to a contract with DHMC


GAC was involved with one of the top 100 resellers on Amazon for their market regarding valuation of their company in order to seek additional outside funding.

Nutrition Company

GAC was assisting with setting up criteria for a course to help parents cope with children with eating disabilities consisting of identifying problems, addresses courses of action to rectify any bad habits and coordinated with insurance companies to offer the course as part of a health plan


GAC was engaged by a national arborist company regarding facilitating a merger with another firm in order to streamline processes and provide additional tree care treatments


GAC was hired by a seasonal inn at the end of their year to discuss additional metrics to maximize growth for their upcoming summer season