Dedicated to our Clients

Our New England Based Team

Here is a list of our top level management and a brief description of there experience, although we encourage you to call and talk to us via phone, set up a Zoom meeting or in person.

Japhet Velazquez, President & Director

Japhet was born and raised in Massachusetts where he attended the presitgious Phillips Academy at Andover.  He has extensive experience in real estate management/leasing/buying & selling/foreclosing and healthcare industry including health insurance for samll businesses. Alex contributes his time to charities regularly including the Roxanne Welfare Fund of Rhode Island which supports local residents the education they need to live within the budgets of managing households or businesses.

Ted Smith, Vice President & Director

Ted was the COO of a hedge fund that managed over nine figures. He has extensive experience with financing small public companies, legal contract drafting as well as serving as a director for several public and private companies, M&A, trading in US markets as well as London, Australia and Hong Kong.  Most recently Ted had the pleasure of serving as a mentor for Goldman Sachs 10KSB program for New England.  Ted graduated from Boston College with a double major in Finance and Marketing.  He is also contributes his time to Good Soil Partners, a non-profit educational program for business development in Africa.

Lisbeth Santos, Operations Specialist

Emily was an operational specialist at Raytheon and worked on SS1 "SCUD" missiles.  She could go into more but; well, her picture tells of what happened to the last person who asked! Emily is great with kids and specializes in the child care industry for special needs kids and hospitality industry.  Also, she has experience with government contract agencies and knowledge of lobbying and both state and federal RFP's. Emily contributes her time to the Humane Socitiey and has a special place in her heart for cats and dogs.

Darren Wainwright, Marketing Specialist

Darren was born and raised in Connecticut before attending Princeton University and graduating from Georgetown with his MBA. He has extensive knowledge with global corporate tax and has lived abroad for most of his life consulting with Fortune 100 companies. He has since decided to stop traveling and found a very welcome home with Somehand.

Bradford "Trip" Palmer, III, Logistics Specialist

Trip was born in raised in New Hampshire and after consulting with Apple and Amazon on the west coast, he realized it was time to settle back home in New Hampshire. He attended Yale University and got his MBA from Stanford and his JD from UCLA. Trip is our synergy expert.